KitchenAid KCG8433 Burr Coffee Grinder Review — Why Baristas Love it

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder - KCG8433

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When you are in the market for a burr coffee grinder, you’re going to have lots of options to choose from, and picking a product from KitchenAid is a great idea for anyone looking for a high-quality product to purchase.  

I say this not just because KitchenAid products are high quality and feature-rich, but because this particular model from KitchenAid does the most important job you will need a burr coffee grinder to do for you, which is to produce consistent and uniform grounds

KitchenAid KCG8433 Benefits 

Brewing coffee at home can sometimes be challenging but it doesn’t have to be, particularly when you have a high quality coffee grinder that produces consistent grounds every single time. 

Whether you intend to make French press, espresso, or utilise any order brewing method, this product is certain to help you get the results you want. When you pour your beans into the bean hopper and start the machine, it produces just the right amount of grounds you need for the number of cups of coffee you wish to make. 

There are 70 precise settings that allow you to choose your grind size, from coarse to fine, depending on the brewing method you intend to use – cold brewing, French press, espresso, etc.  

Aside from the grind size, this product also allows you to choose the number of cups you want which makes it very easy for you to grind the right amount of coffee for the number of cups of coffee you wish to brew. 

This is all possible thanks to its smart dosing technology which aids the machine in creating the right amount of grounds. It also automatically adjusts the grind time displayed on the machine’s digital display when the grind size and cups/shots have been selected. The grind time is a nice piece of information to have even though it has no impact on your results. 

KitchenAid aimed to make grinding for espresso very easy by adding a wonderful feature to this product which is called the adjustable portafilter holder. This portafilter holder allows you to grind directly into 54mm or 58mm portafilters so you can produce espresso in your espresso machine with no hassle. 

Another feature worth mentioning is one that addresses the most common complaint amongst home baristas, which is static build-up. While grinding coffee beans, the KitchenAid anti-static technology helps with this issue by reducing static charge so you can grind with less mess and clean up easily after you are done. A brush is also provided for faster cleaning. 

If there are any unused beans left in the hopper after you’re done using the machine, you can transfer them into a container for safe storage effortlessly since the hopper is removable. This also helps you switch bean types with ease if you intend to make several cups of coffee using different types of beans in one go, or refill the hopper easily if you’re grinding a lot of beans.

Now, you don’t need to turn your machine upside down anymore. A simple twist of the bean hopper will unlock it so you can take it off the machine by lifting it. The same action locks it back into place when you’re done refilling or emptying it.

If you own the KitchenAid semi-automatic espresso machine, you’ll be glad to know that this grinder pairs perfectly with it, so you have the perfect combo in your possession. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the burrs in this product are high-quality commercial-grade burrs. They’re made of stainless steel and are responsible for the superior grind consistency and precision of this product. The end result is uniform grounds always, which is what every home barista wants from their coffee grinder. 

Available in: empire red, matte black, charcoal grey, and onyx black colors.

KitchenAid KCG8433 Drawbacks/Verdict 

There are absolutely no drawbacks with this product. It is a beautiful grinder, it is quiet, and it’s really good at doing its job. It’s the perfect product for anyone who is in need of a coffee grinder that strikes the perfect balance between price and quality. Click here to check it out.

KitchenAid KCG8433 Buyer Reviews

Buyer 1 — “Pick this Grinder”

When you buy a product from one of the top brands in the market, in this case KitchenAid, you expect outstanding quality, and this machine delivers in that regard. Williams bought a grinder prior to buying this one, and it broke during its second grinding session. The machine couldn’t even complete 2 grinding sessions. They were disappointed, as would be expected, and made up their mind regarding how much they were going to spend on their next grinder.

They decided to go for quality over quantity when picking their next machine, and this resulted in them spending extra money to get this KitchenAid machine, and it’s been performing excellently since they purchased it. They mention that it’s easy to use, quiet, and cleaning it after use is a very easy and simple process.

Image of the KitchenAid KCG8433 burr grinder settings and control panel.

Buyer 2 — “Great Grinder”

When you buy a high-quality product, you won’t need anyone to tell you that the product you bought is absolutely worth the money. This buyer got this KitchenAid burr grinder, and it broke after one month. They bought it from Amazon, so they contacted Amazon regarding the issue and got a replacement. From their review, you can tell the first one they bought was a defective unit and not indicative of the quality of KitchenAid products.

The replacement grinder worked perfectly and had been doing so for almost a year before they posted their review, and they’ve been using it to produce grounds for espresso and French Press every single day. They also put the quiet nature of the grinder in perspective. It won’t wake up someone sleeping in a room that shares a wall with the kitchen in which it’s being used, even when it’s used in the early hours of the morning. That’s how quiet it is. They also like how easy it is to use and call it the “best grinder” they’ve ever bought.

Buyer 3 — “Quiet, Consistent, No Clogging

Kent loves this KitchenAid grinder, particularly its quietness, speed, and how uniform its grounds are. According to them, they can even have a conversation with their wife while standing close to the machine as it grinds, which is great. Speed is another feature Kent likes.

They praised this machine for being fast, taking only 45 seconds to grind enough coffee beans for a 12-cup drip coffee maker, a task that took their previous grinder 4 minutes to complete. And it’s not like their previous grinder was a low-quality machine — it was a burr grinder that has been rated highly by many reviewers.

It’s not just the slowness that made them replace the old machine. It also clogged easily and made a lot of noise while grinding. In contrast, this KitchenAid machine is quiet, doesn’t clog thanks to its large grounds container and the flatter pile of coffee grounds that forms in it, and the clear container that enables you to see how much grounds are in the container so you know when to empty it.

Buyer 4 — “Zero Static”

Blake mentions a lot of features they like about this grinder, and one of them is quietness. This is a common benefit mentioned in a lot of reviews, so if you need a burr grinder that is relatively very quiet, this is the right one to pick. Blake talks about the total absence of static, the grinding speed, and how well it works for espresso.

Thanks to the anti-static technology built into this machine, you won’t have to worry about static as you do with many other grinders. According to Blake, it’s also fast even when you’re grinding oily beans with it. Not all machines can handle oily beans properly, so this one’s ability to grind oily beans fast makes it an excellent option for coffee lovers.

Buyer 5 — “Awesome Grind”

Michelle bought this machine and they are amazed at how quiet it is compared to their previous Oster machine which sounded like a chainsaw, but that’s not the only aspect in which this one surpasses their previous machine. The quality of the grounds is better, and they’ve been enjoying smoother-tasting coffee ever since they switched to this KitchenAid grinder. A lot of people erroneously think it’s the fault of their coffee maker when the quality of their coffee drops, not knowing that the quality of your grounds can significantly impact brew quality.

This is why it’s important to invest in a high-quality coffee grinder, just as it’s important to invest in a high-quality coffee maker. If your current grinder sounds like a chainsaw, and you’re tired of the noise, or you need a better machine for any reason, whether it’s to stop dealing with coffee flying everywhere as a result of too much static or you need something that is easier to use and clean, you should seriously consider upgrading to the KitchenAid KCG8433. You won’t be disappointed. How do I know that? It ticks all the boxes for what makes a grinder outstanding.

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