Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder — Is this the Perfect Coffee Grinder?

Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder

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Plastic or die-cast stainless steel housing – which do you prefer? Meet the burr coffee grinder that lets you choose your housing material according to your preferences – the Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder. But that’s just one of its amazing features. Here are the rest: 

Reasons to Buy the Capresso Infinity Plus 

  1. As you’ve already noticed, its name contains the word “commercial”, meaning that it’s a commercial-grade product, but I believe that’s just marketing speak for “high quality”. Anyways, according to Capresso, that’s what it is. 
  1. It has “commercial-grade” steel, conical burrs, which means precision-grinding is one of the fortes of this product. Generally, the higher the quality of the burrs, the better the precision. 
  1. You get more flavor and aroma out of your coffee beans and from every cup of coffee made thanks to the minimal amount of friction and heat produced while grinding. 
  1. Its bean container has enough room for 11 ounces of beans, while the grounds container below it has enough room for 4 ounces of ground beans. 
  1. There are 16 different grind sizes to choose from, including coarse, regular, fine, and extra-fine, with several levels of sizes between each grind size to give you more control over the grind size. 
  1. Thanks to its high level of precision, you can grind coffee for any brewing method, whether it’s drip, pour-over, French Press, espresso, Turkish, or cold brew. 
  1. To prevent accidents, the machine switches off when the bean container isn’t locked. This safety system is a really nice feature to have. 
  1. Easy to clean and quiet. The upper burr is removable, and a brush is provided in the package for cleaning the burrs. 
  1. Customize the look of your grinder by choosing from two color options – white and black – for the cheaper ABS plastic housing variant, or pick the more expensive heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing variant. Both share the same features. 


This product really has no cons. It’s perfect for most people, including me. That said, a few users might find a few almost insignificant cons in this grinder as no product is 100% perfect, but you’ll never find something that qualifies as a “deal-breaker”. 

Capresso infinity plus

Capresso Infinity Plus Amazon Ratings 

This burr grinder has received more than 1,000 ratings so far, and it has also been rated for different features. Here is how customers like you have rated this product at the time of writing this: 

  • Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (77% of customers rated this product 5 stars) 
  • Ease of use: 4.7 stars 
  • Value for money: 4.7 stars 
  • Noise level: 4.4 stars 
  • Ease of cleaning 4.2 stars 

Capresso Infinity Plus FAQs 

  1. Is this grinder quiet? Quietness is relative because all grinders are noisy due to the moving parts and crushing noise. However, compared to other grinders, this one is relatively quiet. 
  1. Is it messy? As with all burr grinders, you’ll have to deal with some static. There are ways to reduce this, like letting the grounds sit in the container for a while to reduce the static charge. 
  1. Do you have to hold the switch down to keep it grinding? No, with the Capresso Infinity Plus, the timer acts as the switch. You turn the knob and it starts to grind – no holding down. 
  1. Is this easy to clean? Yes, it is. Capresso provides clear instructions on how to clean this grinder. Although, the cleaning brush they provide is not very effective for cleaning, so you may want to substitute that for an old toothbrush. 
  1. Is this a good grinder for espresso? Yes, it’s perfect for fine espresso grounds. 
  1. Can I also grind flax seeds with this? Yes, it’s perfect for this task too. 
  1. Does this product heat up during grinding? No, thanks to its gear reduction motor which reduces friction and heat build-up. The worst you’ll feel is a little warmth after a grinding session. 

Capresso Infinity Plus Buyer Reviews

Buyer 1 — “Just Keep Grinding”

According to Gary, who just bought this grinder to replace their previous one of the same model, this product works great. After breaking the front knob on the previous one and failing to find a replacement knob for it, they decided to get another one. The previous one lasted 8 years and could have lasted even longer had they not damaged the knob.

Gary doesn’t talk much about the amount of noise this product generates in their review. They simply state that that they don’t care about it. From their review and based on the fact that they didn’t consider another model and decided to get this same model to replace their broken grinder, it’s obvious that they love it and have no complaints about it.

Buyer 2 — “Perfect for Apartments”

If you live in an apartment complex, you’ll want to minimize the amount of noise you produce during your daily activities to avoid disturbing the neighbours. This is exactly the reason why Michelle set out to look for a quiet grinder to replace their Cuisinart machine that recently stopped working.

The need for a quiet machine was further necessitated by the timing of their grinding sessions. They grind their coffee beans at 6am, when loud noises and sounds can be heard easily and are more likely to bother other people.

Michelle bought this grinder and it, in their words, “exceeded our expectations”. In contrast to their former Cuisinart machine, this one is super quiet and performs excellently in terms of how well it grinds. Michelle also loves how easy it is to operate the machine and clean it — two attributes that you should look for in a coffee grinder before you buy it, because you’ll be doing a lot of using and cleaning.

Buyer 3 — “OK Grind Settings”

This is the first coffee grinder this buyer has ever used or bought, and at the end of their review, they recommend it as a wonderful option for those who are in the market for their first grinder because of how easy it is to use and clean. They talk about how easy it is to fit a brush in and clean it thanks to the amount of room available for cleaning.

Since this is their first one, they had to play with the settings on the dial to find out what setting produces the exact grind size they want and they also recommend you compare ground coffee to what this machine produces at different grind settings so you can determine what setting to use in future sessions.

As soon as you figure out the right setting to use, you’ll be getting perfect grounds consistently from this machine. As far as noise levels go, this buyer feels this machine is quiet for a grinder. They obviously don’t own any other model to compare it to as this is the first one they’ve ever bought or used, but they feel it’s quiet all the same.

Buyer 4 — “Good Grinder”

This buyer mentions a lot of details in their review, starting with the things they like. The upper and lower burrs are high quality burrs, the hopper is used to pick a grind setting and it rotates and detaches easily. The grounds container and hopper that holds the beans fit perfectly in their compartments, and the timer works perfectly.

To start the machine, you simply turn the timer knob to the setting you want and it begins to grind. The grounds also stay within the container they fall into and do not fall out. You can also reduce the amount of static in the grounds container by removing it slowly and tapping the side of the container.

This buyer initially rated the Capresso Infinity Plus 4 stars, but updated their review after almost 8 months of use and upped their rating to 5 stars because they are completely satisfied with the grinding results and the durability, consistency, and reliability of this grinder.

They mention that this is in part due to their regular cleaning habit, which is true. If you clean your coffee grinder regularly, you’ll thank yourself for that. Your machine will give you consistent results and last much longer if you stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

Buyer 5 — “Amazing Machine”

For someone that’s used a blade grinder all their life, it’s nice to finally have something that gives you incredible grind consistency. This buyer calls it a “game changer”. They searched for a model that has a wide range of grind settings, great consistency, and that is affordable at the same time and found this Capresso machine through a friend’s recommendation.

They like its appearance, ease of use, and how much it’s improved the taste of their coffee. So far, they’ve made grounds with two different settings for Moka pot and pour-over, and the results were satisfying. They also like the timer, the size of the hopper, and the low amount of static in the grounds, which means way less mess to deal with compared to their blade grinder.

In conclusion, they state that this is the perfect grinder for anyone regardless of their brewing method because there are settings suitable for most methods. What’s more, it’s affordable!

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