About Me

Hi and welcome to Good Brew Guide. My name is Marie, and I’m the owner of the website you’re viewing right now. As someone that sips a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I not only love to drink coffee, but I love to write about it too, and related topics as well. This blog is all about coffee-making tools, particularly burr coffee grinders because I’ve tested them more than I have any other type of coffee equipment.

As you already know, you can’t do without a grinder if you’re serious about brewing your own coffee at home, and the burr variant is the best type to purchase if you want great results. Of course there are other types and they can give you decent results, but nothing beats the type I talk about here.

The two main types of grinders are the manual and electric, among these there are blade and burr models, and among the latter there are conical and flat models. The electric burr grinders are the absolute best type to buy if you really want to make flavorful brews.

In the future, I might expand this website to cover other types of coffee products, but for now, I’ll be focusing on this type of grinder. I love these amazing little machines so much and life wouldn’t be complete without them, since I can’t do without my morning coffee.

What else do I do aside from blogging? I read cookbooks and try out lots of different recipes in my spare time, do some console gaming, hang out with friends, and read other types of books, fiction and nonfiction. I love to sleep early and wake up early as I feel that’s the best way to live, but that’s just me. Thanks for visiting and if you need to contact me, use the form here.

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